Future Proof Team of Experts

Arya Residences is a result of a collaborative effort of people who LEED.

Architect of Record– AIDEA Philippines, Inc.
Architectural Design Consultant – Crone Partners Architecture Studios
Structural Engineering – Sy^2 + Associates, Inc.
Mechanical Engineering – L.R. Punsalan and Associates
Sanitary,Plumbing & Fire Protection – NBF Consulting, Inc.
Electrical Engineering – Eduardo H. Tan & Associates
Quantity Surveyor – Langdon & Seah, Philippines, Inc.
LEED Consultant – Langdon & Seah, Philippines, Inc.
LEED Commissioning Agent – HFM
Space Planning – Periquet Galicia, Inc.
Common Area Interior Design – Periquet Galicia, Inc.
Faηade Technology – Benedicto Limjap Gaviño Faηade Design
Acoustic Design Consultant – 08dB Acoustic Environments Design Services
Lighting Design – PL Light in Existence Corporation
Landscape Design – AECOM
Elevator Design – Roy Barry & Associates
Wind Tunnel Testing – Windtech Consultants Pte. Ltd.
Feng Shui-Master – Master Joseph Chau Kam Shing
General Contractor – DATEM Inc.
Construction Project Manager – DCMi – The Project Management Company
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